We put your ideas in action and help you shape a better future for others.

Our services include research and writing, project management and partnership development. We design our services for each engagement based on the needs of the client and what they would like to achieve.

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Some of our engagements:

Developing a community-based investment fund in Myanmar
We explore what a community-based tourism program would look like in Myanmar for a client. Using market research and input from local leaders, advocates and corporate leaders, we helped our client design the Myanmar Sustainable Tourism Fund to fuel the work that will preserve and promote innovative practices in sustainable tourism. The Fund aims to strengthen organizations working in Myanmar, equipping local leaders with financial contributions, technical skills and volunteer-experts from the travel industry.

Launching a pilot childcare center in Vietnam
Kordant worked with a Skoll Foundation awardee to expand a model childcare learning center in Southeast Asia. We provided the client with a multi-country mapping and analysis of social, legal, government and corporate opportunities so they may identify a country for launching a pilot program. We created a three-year business plan for the pilot center targeting factory workers with children. In addition, we assisted the client in obtaining the required government registration and approvals, local operation support and community relationships needed to begin the project.

Advising a new CSR crowdfunding platform in Asia
We served as an advisor and content specialist to a new crowdfunding platform supporting corporate giving and employee engagement. Based in Asia, our mandate included the delivery of research and articles on CSR, employee engagement, corporation’s role and impact on the SDGs, and corporate and employee giving trends.

Curriculum developer for the travel and tourism sector
We helped a client develop an online philanthropy training program for the travel and tourism sector. The certification program provides knowledge and tools for travel agents to support clients that are interested in giving and volunteering. The five course program helps industry experts make the case for including philanthropy in their work, identify where engagement points might be and provides them with the tools to take the client to the next step.