Individuals & Families

Our individual and family philanthropy practice offers clients a full-service solution for managing their charitable projects.

We serve as an ally and guide you through complex issues, provide you with access to leaders and information to make decisions, turn ideas into high-impact solutions, help increase your knowledge of areas and need, and build confidence in what you fund.

We believe we can help you engage in philanthropy that expresses your most deeply held values and beliefs, produces profound social impact, and maximizes your financial resources and other intangible assets such as goodwill, business and professional contacts, and relationships.

Kordant Philanthropy Advisors helps you create, execute, manage and measure your philanthropic plan.

To learn more about our approach to evaluating programs, download our evaluation services overview.
• Explore options and incubate ideas
• Survey the landscape of existing efforts
• Identify high impact and scalable opportunities & Focus
• Define or reassess your priorities
• Increase family engagement; involve the next generation
• Deepen your engagement with an organization or issue
• Work with your advisors to determine best giving vehicle
• Determine giving capacity, lifespan, and succession planning


Sellers of fruitImplementation
• Organize and structure your philanthropy
• Leverage repositories and intermediary services
• Conduct due diligence on organizations
• Complement and enable in-house team and external advisors



Colorful joss sticks for buddhist prayers in VietnamMonitoring & Impact
• Track ongoing progress of projects against milestones and expected results
• Design travel and other learning opportunities
• Understand the results of projects and compare against desired outcomes
• Review overall grant-making annually and advise on “next steps”
• Communicate success and lessons learned


DSCN2148Access & Continuous Learning
• Connect you with the leaders, organizations, tools and research to be successful
• Collaborate or engage with other funders
• Convene and co-organize cross-sector leaders