Kordant Philanthropy Advisors helps companies innovate, execute, enhance and measure community engagement strategies.  We serve as your ally, guiding you through complex issues, presenting information to help you make strong decisions, helping you turn your ideas into high-impact solutions, enhancing your knowledge of areas and needs, and building confidence in the programs you support.
• Investigate community engagement options and ideas
• Survey landscape of existing efforts within targeted communities
• Identify high impact and scalable trends & Focus
• Define or reassess your priorities
• Benchmark best practices and trends in corporate philanthropy
• Identify best organizations and projects
• Deepen your engagement with an organization or issue


Sellers of fruitRisk Mitigation & Grantmaking Support
• Conduct due diligence on organizations; understand their capabilities and competence
• Leverage repositories and intermediary services
• Provide guidance on best practices of global giving and compliance of US laws and regulations
• Complement and enable in-house team


Colorful joss sticks for buddhist prayers in VietnamThird-Party Monitoring & Impact Reporting
• Track ongoing progress of projects against milestones and expected results
• Design travel and other learning opportunities
• Understand the results of projects and compare against desired outcomes
• Review overall grant-making annually and advise on “next steps”
• Communicate success and lessons learned


DSCN2148Access & Opportunities
• Connect clients with a broad range of stakeholders— regulators, consumers, shareholders, and the public—to create mutually valuable solutions
• Keep client abreast of trends in the industry
• Seek out collaborative opportunities